Finishing touch

Finishing touch

Skirting boards make the difference

A floor without skirting isn’t finished. Something is lacking. The right skirting board gives your floor just the last push, necessary to make it a whole: the finishing touch.

Ambience and unity

For every wood or laminate floor we have skirting boards in different heights and thicknesses in our assortment. Floor and skirting board form a unity. Next to these ‘regular’ skirting boards we also have so-called ambience skirting boards; white skirting boards to be coated in any colour you wish. In that way you can create unity between floor and wall or specifically distinction. Ambience skirting boards can make look a room larger or smaller and are also handy to run cords and cables. Whatever skirting board you’re looking for, sleek and modern, romantic or classic, we offer you a large choice.

Make connections

If you want to make different floorings flow into one another, give an accent or resolve a small height difference between two rooms, a floor profile is a nice and durable solution.
Profiles are available in in the colour of your floor, but as well in for example stainless steel and aluminium if you want to create a trendy accent.
A continuous floor without junctures or interruptions is always the most beautiful however, so when possible, that’s what we choose for at The Flooring Company.

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