Floor heating

Floor heating

A perfect match

Floor heating and wood flooring is a perfect match. At least if you keep some things in mind, but that’s not too hard, because that’s why we are there to advice you. At The Flooring Company, thanks to all our years of experience, we know exactly what is important when you want to lay a wood floor on floor heating. Also with floor heating your flooring project will be a carefree one.

What we think about for you

Although we take care of everything, we do like to inform you about the most important issues if you choose a wood floor on floor heating.

Firstly it is important to choose the right floor. Wood has insulating qualities but lets warmth pass through. However it is a rule, the thicker the floor, the longer it takes before warmth passes through. But a lot of floors are suitable to use with floor heating. We know the Rc-value or insulating value of each floor. That’s the figure your floor heating supplier will tell you to use when choosing a system. The other way around is also possible. You already have chosen a heating system, then we are going to look for the floors with the right Rc-value for the system. Of course it also matters if you use the floor heating as your main heating source or as an additional heating source.

In the second place it is important to put a special coating on the cement floor, which ensures heat conduction and transfer. We lay the floor itself with a special glue that keeps its elasticity even when heated. Coating and glue together take care that your house is delicious heated and your floor stays locked.

Finally you strictly need to follow the heating protocol before and after the floor is laid. This ensures the cement floor is not too moist before laying your wood floor and after laying that the circumstances are in optimal condition for heat transfer. The inflow temperature of the water may not be more than 45°C and the top floor may get a maximum temperature of 28°C. You need to avoid large temperature variations from the moment the floor is laid; in that way you keep your floor in the best condition.

Nice and cool

In summer it’s lovely to feel a nice and cool floor under your feet. That is possible with floor cooling and what goes for floor heating also goes for floor cooling: in combination with a wood floor it is a perfect match.
Area of attention is possible condensation, but how to avoid this we know exactly. Just drop by for a good advice.

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