Veneer parquet

Veneer parquet

Affordable wood floor

Wood floors are available for everyone’s budget. Are you thinking of laminate because a real wood floor would be too expensive? Then take a look at veneer parquet. With such a floor you have a real wood floor for the price of laminate in the higher segment. Next to that veneer is wear-resistant and easy to clean.

Impact resistant and maintenance-friendly

Veneer parquet can take a knock, because it is made up of three different layers:
• a wear layer of real wood veneer, the upper layer you see
• a hard body, the interlayer, consisting of wood fibres (HDF)
• a veneer sub-layer to ensure rigidity.
The real wood veneer wear layer is thin, however very strong and the hard body divests the impact of the knocks caused by daily use of the floor. Cavities and dents in veneer parquet are rare anyway. Whether you choose for a 3-strips construction or floorboards, you will have many years of carefree enjoyment of your floor.

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