Thousands of years ago emperors and kings already put wood floors in their temples and palaces. Since then a lot has changed, but at the same time not. A wood floor rather becomes more beautiful over the years as it’s a ‘living’ and sustainable product. We are specialized in wood floors but have moved with the times. That’s why we offer you, next to our extended collection of wood floors, a beautiful and special collection of laminate, PVC and cork floors as well.

At The Flooring Company you will always find the floor that matches your life style, interior, wallet and age

Already take a look on this website because wood floors are available in different segments with countless variations in each segment:

Laminate, PVC and cork floors are available in lots of variations as well. Variations not just in colour or pattern, but also in length, width, total thickness and thickness of the top layer:

Boggled? Walk in once and take a look at your leisure, compare different floors and ask us for professional advice.

The Flooring Company
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