Lamina parquet

Lamina parquet

A lamina parquet floor is a finished floor. Immediately after it is laid you can put your furniture on it and enjoy your floor from your easy chair.

Hardly any working

Lamina parquet most of the times is 14 to 15 millimetres thick and has been manufactured in three layers. A top layer of around 4 millimetres hardwood above two layers of pinewood. The first and third layers are right-angled on the second layer, the so-called sandwich construction, which gives extra stability. The under high pressure gluing of the three layers gives stability as well. Lamina parquet for this reason works considerably less than a massive wood floor, to a factor ten less.

Smooth and ready to use

Lamina parquet has a tongue and groove or, nowadays more often, a click system (WoodLoc®), to easily lay the floor. Lamina parquet comes already chafed and polished or oiled, so after laying it, your floor is ready to use.

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